CVD and PVD Systems
                              JG-2DIA HF-CVD System
                              JG-3DIA HF-CVD System
                              JG1-CNT T-CVD System
                              JG1-CNT T-CVD System
                              JG1-CNT T-CVD System
                              JG-C PECVD System
                              Sputtering System
                              SY3c Co-sputtering System
                              SY6m Multi-sputtering System
                              SY6mp Multi-sputtering System
                              Ion Source
                              Hall Plasma Source
                              Magnetron sputter source

                              Our main system products are as follows

                              HF-CVD: Hot-filament chemical vapor deposition, used for polycrystalline diamond, nanodiamond and carbon nanotube film deposition.

                              T-CVD: thermal CVD system for carbon nanotube film deposition and heat treatment deposition.

                              PECVD: plasma enhanced CVD for aligned carbon nanotube, diamond-like carbon film deposition and plasma treatment. 



                              Co-sputtering: Confocal magnetron sputtering system for multi-laysers, alloy films, metal/oxides/nitride film deposition.

                              Multi-sputtering: multiple magnetron sputtering for multi-layers, especially for magnetic thin film deposition.


                              We provide systems with high quality and competitive price
                              For detailed information, please contact us.